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Summary of changes in this edition

New Services:

17.1.23, New Send Message service.

  1. 18.1.3, New Change Connection Information service to change attributes of a connection (media flow direction, media session information)

New Profiles:, Level 1a Voice Browser Profile

  1., Level 1b Voice Browser Profile
  2., Level 2 Voice Browser Profile

Additions to existing parameter types:

12.3, Added choice of "restricted" to Device ID parameter types.

  1. 12.2.4, Values added to existing Call Characteristics parameter type for privacy and security levels.
  2. 12.2.8, Value "none" added to flowDirection of ConnectionInformation parameter type.
  3. 12.2.8, Added mediaSessionInfo to ConnectionInformation parameter type.
  4. 12.2.18, New values added to mediaClass in MediaCallCharacteristics parameter type (message, chat, Email).
  5. 12.1.18, "SIP" added to list of CCIE types in MediaCallCharacteristics parameter type.
  6. 12.2.15, New causes added to EventCause parameter type (busyOverflow, calendarOverflow, capacityOverflow, pathReplacement, queueTimeOverflow, unknownOverflow).

Removed max length constraints from data types: callID, monitorCrossRefID, deviceID, UserData, AgentID, CorrelatorData, CallQualifyingData, subDomainCallLinkageID, subDomainThreadID, and ioData.

New Parameter Types:

12.2.24, New SubjectOfCall parameter type.

  1. 12.2.16, New LanguagePreferences parameter type.
  2. 12.2.20, New MessageInfo parameter type.
  3. 12.2.13, New DeviceHistory parameter type.

Parameter Additions to Existing Services and Events:

13.1.3, Get Switching Function Capabilities: maxLengthParametersContinued, maxDeviceHistoryLength.

  1. 13.1.5, Switching Function Devices: nidGroup.
  2. 16.1.1, Snapshot Call: subjectOfCall, messageInfo, languagePreferences, deviceHistory.
  3. 16.1.2, SnapShot Device, Snapshot DeviceData: endpointDeviceID.
  4. 17.1.4, Call Back Call-Related: languagePreferences.
  5. 17.1.8, Clear Connection: reason.
  6. 17.1.10, Consultation Call: languagePreferences.
  7. 17.1.11, Deflect Call: languagePreferences, reason.
  8. 17.1.18, Make Call: languagePreferences.
  9. 17.1.19, Make Predictive Call: languagePreferences.
  10. 17.1.20, Park Call: languagePreferences.
  11. 17.1.24, Single Step Conference: languagePreferences.
  12. 17.1.25, Single Step Transfer: languagePreferences, reason.
  13. 17.2, Call Control events:
  14. subjectOfCall - added to: Delivered, Diverted, Established, Failed, Offered, Originated, Queued, Service Initiated.
  15. messageInfo - added to: Delivered, Diverted, Established, Failed, Offered, Originated, Queued, Service Initiated.
  16. languagePreferences - added to all call control events
  17. deviceHistory - added to: Conferenced, Connection Cleared, Delivered, Diverted, Established, Failed, Network Reached, Offered, Queued, Transferred.
  18. 18.1.1, Associate Data service: callCharacteristics, languagePerferences.
  19. 18.2.1, Call Information event:callCharacteristics, languagePerferences.
  20. 20.2.4, Route Request: subjectOfCall, messageInfo, languagePreferences, deviceHistory.


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