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TC32-TG11 - Computer Supported Telecommunication Applications (CSTA)

What is CSTA?

Open-CSTA review

Ecma invits experts from ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6 and ETSI/OSA to help Ecma with improving their standards. After experts register here, they are able to issue, discuss their technical comments and dispositions on the standards: ECMA-285, ECMA-269 , ECMA-323,  ECMA-348, ECMA-354 and ECMA-366.

ISO/IEC JTC 1 is balloting DIS 18051 (ECMA-269, 9th ed.), 18052 (ECMA-285 4th ed.), 18056 (ECMA-323 6th ed.) and 25437 (ECMA-366 3rd ed.) in their 5-month fast-track procedure until 10 June 2012.

Procedure on the Invitation for open review.

Comparing SALT and Google Speech

This draft Technical Report compares interactive voice features in CSTA implemented in Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) and the HTML 5 speech input API in Google’s chrome.

Web Service Enhancements

Following harmonisation of WS-Eventing in W3C, the CSTA Web Service standards ECMA-354 and ECMA-366 and ECMA-348 have been revised.

CSTA Enhancements

Richer support for presence, location and call linkage was added to the 9th edition for CSTA.

A presentation on 8th CSTA enhancements is available here.

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