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Ecma’s Eco Standards eminent in EuP studies that prepare legal implementation of EU eco-design directive

Ecma International TC38 is a leader in Environmental standardisation; The recognition of Ecma TC38 standards in the preparatory studies for the EU EuP directive Framework for the setting of eco-design requirements for energy using products reconfirm their effectiveness. The studies prepare for legal implementation of the EU EuP directive.

Below are TC38’s most important achievements and plans.

ECMA-341 being a front-running Environmental Conscious Design standard

Geneva, 21 November 2007

The EuP TV report task 8 “Policy Options” refers ECMA-341 as a good reference for eco-design. ECMA-341, published in its first edition in December 2002, was the world’s first standard defining the requirements and recommendations for a commercially viable, environmentally conscious design of products being far ahead of any legal development. ECMA-341 2nd edition is the basis of IEC 62075, which is currently at FDIS stage. TC38 plans to align the ECMA-341 with IEC 62075 and further develop it.

Upcoming Ecma TC38-TG2 standard to be the first comprehensive Energy Efficiency standard
The Energy Efficiency standardization activities of Ecma TC38-TG2 are mentioned in the EuP PC + displays report task 8 “Policy Options” as a potentially great tool to lead to improved energy efficiency of PCs at minimum cost. The energy efficiency standard is currently in the drafting phase. The standard’s first edition, which will beside energy use also consider capabilities and performance of a system, allowing a comprehensive benchmark is expected to be published in June 2008. The standard development is also joined by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) aiming to apply the standard as reference for Energy Star.

ECMA-328 recognized as being the first standard to determine chemical emission rates
ECMA-328 is mentioned in the EuP Imaging Equipment report task 1 “Definitions” as the existing test standard. ECMA-328 specifies methods to determine chemical emission rates from ICT & CE equipment during intended operation in an Emission Test Chamber (ETC). The standard was fast tracked via ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 28 as ISO/IEC 28360 and has been published in September 2007.

ECMA-370 eco-declaration standard recognized as an effective customer information tool
ECMA-370 also called The Eco Declaration ( TED ) is used in B2B communication e.g. for “green procurement” - often in conjunction with ECMA-341 to declare the environmental product parameters. ECMA-370 is mentioned in the EuP PC + displays report task 8 “Policy Options” as a very comprehensive customer information tool. TC38 will further develop ECMA-370, which is currently mainly referring European requirements, aiming to establish a standard meeting global market demands.

Onno Elzinga, Ecma Chief Technical Officer


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