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Ecma historical archive has been completed on the Ecma website

Geneva, 18 February 2009

The Ecma International Secretariat is happy to announce that the scanning and publishing "historical" originally paper based Ecma documents on the Ecma website has been completed.

As known two types of formal publications are prepared and published by Ecma:
the currently valid Ecma Standards (see index or list) and the Ecma Technical Reports (see index or list). All these standards and technical reports are electronically available and can be downloaded from the Ecma website free of charge. In addition to that, Ecma has also made electronically available all the previous and withdrawn editions of Ecma Standards and – now in the final phase of the project – also the Technical Reports.

Since Ecma is one of the oldest standardization bodies in the area of information - and telecommunication technologies and has been active since 1961, we thought that allowing access to historical standardization related documents might be of interest to the public, especially to researchers and universities.

The historical Ecma documents are electronically stored scanned copies of all withdrawn Ecma Standards (see here) and Technical Reports (see here) published and distributed originally on paper. Since the first Ecma Standard was published as early as 1962, now these scanned old standards give readers who are interested in the history of computers, computing, information and telecommunication technologies, hardware, software, classic programming languages etc. an excellent insight view especially about those early days of computer standardization and some of the first IT standards.

In addition, the Ecma annual "Mementos" (Ecma annual reports from 1962 until now) which contain information about the Ecma structure at that time, its membership, activities, technical publications, legal texts and so on are also available here.

"With this step Ecma International has completed a major milestone in turning its original paper-based operation into a fully electronic operation. The electronic access to our recent and old products has significantly improved our operation. Today we are able to offer to those who are interested in IT-, Telecom- and Consumer Electronics standards a much broader choice at much higher speed – and all this still traditionally at no costs to the users. By moving away from paper to electronic on-line  publishing and -distribution – I believe we are also doing the environment and the world a good service." said Istvan Sebestyen, Secretary General of Ecma International. 

In the spirit of Ecma International transparency, access to the historical documents is also free of charge.

For more information: please contact Dr. Istvan Sebestyen, Secretary General of Ecma International. Email:



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