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Ecma publishes 60 GHz Standard

60 GHz radio implements Standard for Multi-Gigabit wireless applications


Geneva, Switzerland, 8 December 2008

Ecma International published their 60 GHz Standard for short range unlicensed communications as ECMA-387 on their public website for unrestricted download. The Standard provides high rate wireless personal area network (including point-to-point) transport for bulk data transfer and multimedia streaming; consult the whitepaper for its main features.
The Ecma International General Assembly also approved the 60 GHz Standard for submission to JTC 1 fast-track procedure to arrive at an ISO/IEC Standard. Ecma continues to invite their partners, such as ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 06, WiMedia and ETSI, to provide advance comments under the Open-60GHz policy.

Preceding the publication, Ecma members, including GEDC, ETRI and Philips, demonstrated the Standard compliant prototypes showing multi-Gigabit per second file transfer and 1080i uncompressed HD video streaming in Montreux, where the international networking experts in the ISO and IEC’s Joint technical Committee 1, Subcommittee 06 (SC 06), enthusiastically responded to the demonstrations by posing many questions on this exiting technological and standards achievement.

The single-chip 60 GHz digital low-power radio in CMOS technology with embedded 60 GHz antenna was a key element in the demonstrations in the SC 06 plenary in early November.
The 60 GHz radio transferred 200 Mega byte sized data and image files - literally in less than a second - whereas up to now other wireless technologies took minutes. The same 60 GHz radios demonstrated High Definition uncompressed video streaming (also known as 720p/1080i) at multi-Gigabit data rates.

The Georgia Electronic Design Center (GEDC) single-chip 60 GHz CMOS radio, consumes less than 100 milliwatts, combines an embedded antenna array, 60 GHz font-end and multi-gigabit baseband signal processing into a standard QFN package. It implements the Ecma Standard that provides a host of opportunities in many Consumer Electronics applications scenarios.

“The Standard balances the wide range of application requirements with the unique capabilities of three fully interoperable device types. I am proud and grateful for the professional and flexible stance of the international expert team in Ecma that  achieved this impressive result in such short time,“ said Mr. Ruud van Bokhorst, Director of Standardisation at Philips Electronics and chair of the 60 GHz Development in Ecma.

A complete and scalable WPAN/WLAN standard solution is required to radically change today’s user experience, by eliminating the hassle of multiple and different wired interconnect” said Dr. Wooyong Lee, technical leader at ETRI for 60 GHz technologies.

The combination of a very low power multi-gigabit 60 GHz CMOS wireless solution and the enormous unlicensed bandwidth makes the imminent application of 60 GHz technology in the consumer electronic marketplace possible. It enables a whole range of new consumer and business applications at the intersection of gaming and connectivity” said Dr. Joy Laskar, Director of the Georgia Electronic Design Center.

Ecma International is committed to help spur the innovation of the next generation low-cost, multi-giga-bit wireless technology that will stimulate the development of personal wireless applications. Seeing both small and large industry members along-side with leading academia institutes from Asia, Europe and the US have actively developed this technology is a promising sign for global application,” said Onno Elzinga, Ecma International’s CTO.


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