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Ecma publishes new Standard on Close Proximity Electric Induction Wireless Communications

New wireless technology for short-range connectivity operates at a data rate of 560 Mbps for very fast transfer of files


Geneva, Switzerland, 5 July 2011

Ecma International published a new wireless interface standard that enables fast data transfer by means of a simple “touch” between two devices in close proximity on their public website for unrestricted download as ECMA-398 - Close Proximity Electric Induction Wireless Communications.

This wireless standard enables a high-speed, bi-directional, point-to-point connection for the transfer of large data between two active devices up to a few centimeters apart. This standard can be applied for a wide range of applications, regardless of product, usage model or content. From a user standpoint, the technology can be thought of as an intuitive, touch-activated, high-speed data interface providing instant connectivity and allowing immediate exchange of content between devices. Some use cases which can take advantage of this technology include the exchange of photos and videos between digital cameras and camcorders, downloading content from public signage onto smart phones, and streaming content in real time from mobile devices to audio visual playback systems.

The Ecma General Assembly approved this standard at its June 2011 meeting in Divonne, France. This standard is now submitted to ISO/IEC JTC 1 for approval.

Mr. Ko Togashi, Chair of Ecma TC50 said: "We are very happy that this technology has been adopted as an Ecma standard and is now publicly available for the realization of user-friendly and intuitive touch-based data transfer.

This standard will change the way consumers handle and enjoy content by eliminating the complexity of traditional wireless connections, removable storage media and physical cables.” said Mr. Kentaro Odaka, Chair of the TransferJet Consortium.

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