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Ecma Office Open XML File Format comment review – First group of 662 proposed dispositions of comments posted to online portal

Geneva, 19 November 2007

As outlined in news release dated 18 October 2007, Ecma is maintaining active involvement leading up to the ballot resolution meeting 25-29 February 2008 by supporting the ISO/IEC DIS 29500 Editor, Rex Jaeschke, who has been tasked with producing a proposed disposition of all 3522 comments received during the ballot period, and by maintaining a web portal accessible by National Body members which will host current drafts of the proposed comment dispositions.

Ecma’s work to review the comments submitted by National Bodies has been carried out via Technical Committee 45 (Ecma TC45).

As a first step in this process, Ecma has today posted the first wave of proposed dispositions related to comments submitted by the National Bodies. The 662 proposed dispositions posted today represent 19% of the 3522 comments.

This initial group of proposed dispositions is only the first step. Ecma will continue to focus its technical knowledge on assisting the Editor to produce the Proposed Dispositions of National Bodies comments, and will post additional waves of proposed dispositions within the coming weeks. The final Proposed Disposition of Comments document will be provided to National Bodies by 14 January 2008.

The work to standardise OpenXML has been carried out by Ecma International with representatives from Apple, Barclays Capital, BP, The British Library, Essilor, Gnome Foundation, Intel, Microsoft, NextPage, Novell, Statoil, Toshiba, and the United States Library of Congress.

We look forward to continued cooperation and collaboration with the ISO, IEC, and ISO/IEC JTC 1 National Body members for the betterment of the Office Open XML File Formats Standard.


Tom Ngo (NextPage)
Ecma TC45



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