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Standard ECMA-244
Private Integrated Services Network (PISN) - Mapping Functions for the Employment of a Circuit Mode Basic Service and the Supplementary Service User-to-User Signalling as a pair of On-demand Inter-PINX Connections (Mapping/UUS)

2nd edition (September 2000)

This Standard specifies the mapping functions for a pair of on-demand inter-PINX connections using a circuit mode basic service and the supplementary service User-to-User Signalling (service 3) of a public ISDN at the same time.

In order to connect a Private Integrated Services Network Exchange (PINX) to another PINX, mapping functions are required to adapt the specific interfaces at the C reference point to the application at the Q reference point. As such, mapping functions provide for physical adaptation to the interface at the C reference point. Mapping functions also provide for the mapping of user channels and signalling information at the Q reference point to the appropriate channels or timeslots at the C reference point.

The C and Q reference points are defined in ECMA-133.

At the Q reference point the mappings provide a 64 kbit/s service for user channels and a packet mode service for the signalling channel. Bearer conditioning is outside the scope of this Standard, except for providing the layer 2 for the signalling channel at the Q reference point.

Scenario management is outside the scope of this Standard.

This Standard is applicable to PINXs which can be interconnected to form a Private Integrated Services Network (PISN) and which support signalling protocols at the Q reference point.

The following file can be freely downloaded:

File name Size (Bytes) Content
ECMA-244.pdf 87 634    Acrobat (r) PDF file

This Ecma publication is also approved as ISO/IEC 17309.

The previous replaced "historical" edition of this Ecma Standard is available here.


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