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Technical Report TR/84
Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) - Information Derived from Partition IV XML File

6thedition (June 2012)

This Technical Report is intended as an aid for understanding the libraries specified in Standard ECMA-335, Partition IV: Profiles and Libraries. That Partition includes a machine-readable specification, in XML, of the types that comprise the standard libraries. This Technical Report, in companion files, provides the following items which help to form a traceable chain from the normative XML specification to a portable, printable representation of its contents:

  • Tool Source Code: A program written in the C# programming language, XML Style-sheet Language (XSL), and using the facilities of the Microsoft .NET Framework™ and Microsoft Office™ to convert the XML into files viewable using Microsoft Word™. This program, initially provided by Intel Corporation and updated by the CLI editor for this edition, can be modified to produce other views of the XML.
  • Microsoft Word™ Files: These are the files produced by running the tool mentioned above on the XML from Partition IV. The Ecma task group TC49/TG3 used similar files (produced using earlier versions of this tool run against earlier versions of the XML) as the primary means of reviewing the XML.
  • PDF™ Files: These files are produced from the Microsoft Word™ files using the Adobe Acrobat™ program. They are viewable on a wide range of computer systems and printable on a range of computer output devices. In most cases, they will appear visually identical regardless of the means used to render them.

The following file can be freely downloaded:

File name Size (Bytes) Content
TR-084.pdf 845 493 Acrobat (r) PDF file 35 884 896 ZIP file
    see also TR-089, Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) - Common Generics

This Ecma publication is also approved as ISO/IEC TR 23272, which is freely available here Link to non-Ecma site. Ecma is not responsible for the contents of the site..

The previous replaced "historical" editions of this Technical Report are available here.

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